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Wildfire debris cleanup status Step 2 cleanup will occur in two phases In Step 2, cleanup crews hired by the State will remove ash, debris, and hazard trees from burned properties. Cleanup will occur in two tiered phases (described below) beginning in mid-January. Efficiency and safety are top priorites for planning the work, so large crews will mobilize to complete an entire neighborhood at once prior to moving to other areas. The Jackson County Debris Removal Taskforce, a cooperation between Phoenix, Talent, and Jackson County, has prioritized the cleanup effort as follows:

Tier 1

Bear Lake Estates, 300 Luman Rd., Phoenix (200+ site mobile home park) Mountain View Estates, 333 Mountain View, Talent, (164 site mobile home park) Northridge Terrace, Northridge Terrace, Medford (mix of single, multi-family housing and mobile homes)

Tier 2

Barnum Subdivision, Phoenix, neighborhood including Barnum Drive., Arana Drive, Brandon Way, and Dano Drive Talent neighborhoods including Ganges Drive, Village Court., Creekside Way and Davidson Way and connecting roads to Rapp Road (mixture of single family, multi-family and apartments) Coleman Creek Mobile Home Park, Phoenix, 135 N. Phoenix Road (mobile home park). Samuel Loop Subdivision, Phoenix, Samuel Lane Loop Road. (single family) As FEMA continues to refine their plans and complete agreements with selected mobile home park owners, these priorities will likely change to clean up those mobile home parks where FEMA will place trailers for longer-term housing.

When the State-led cleanup is complete on a property, the State will issue the participating property owner a notice stating debris has been removed, soil has been tested, and the Right of Entry is no longer in effect. After this completion notice is issued, the property is cleared for rebuilding.

To participate in Step 2 cleanup, property owners must complete a Right of Entry form and the property cleanup questionnaire.

More information is available at or by calling 503-934-1700.

It is estimated to take 6-18 months to complete all properties, depending on weather and property access limitations. You can subscribe to get email updates regarding cleanup progress.


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