Rogue Food Unites needs a Shipping Container -- 8'x8'x16'

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Hi Rogue Valley Neighbors,

Rogue Food Unites is the local state-contracted agency responsible for feeding all those in our community that are impacted by the wildfires of 2020. As part of our service, we provide door-to-door delivery in Phoenix, Talent, and Ashland for fire-affected residents sheltering in locations outside hotels.

For our Talent and Phoenix routes, we are looking to source a shipping container to use for daily storage of materials needed to run the routes and a site for coordinating loading and unloading.

If anyone has a water-tight shipping container, sized approximately 8'x8'x16', that they are willing to donate or loan, we would be immensely grateful. All in-kind donations are recognized. We would also be open to purchasing a container if none is available for donation in the region.

Thank you for all the community support and mutual aid efforts that have allowed this recovery to continue. The road ahead is long, but we are dedicated and, with your help, we continue to make sure our friends and neighbors who need our support are receiving it.

In solidarity, -adam (he/him)

Rogue Food Unites


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